Russian martial art. A. Kadochnikov’s system

in Ukraine

Russian martial art. A. Kadochnikov’s systemRussian martial art. A. Kadochnikov’s system

About school

Goals we aim at are the following:

  • facilitating the traditional Slavic martial arts development in Ukraine;
  • giving the people access to a healthy life style regardless their age and social status;
  • developing their general physical training;
  • shaping proper interpretation of world organization;
  • cultivating high ethic manners,
  • forming psychological tolerance to any stressed  situation.

In order to achieve these goals in 2008 the A. Kadochnikov's Russian Close Combat School was opened in Kyiv with the approbation of Alexei Kadochnikov, the patriarch and the developer of Russian hand-to-hand combat.

The school was headed by Vadim Shapoval (in the photo): he has been studying A. Kadochnikov's system since 1994, and has been giving lectures since 1997; he is a major of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine and a qualified coach of self-defence and personal safety techniques (License No. 27/III dated 06.07.10 issued by A. Kadochnikov's Centre, Russian Federation, Krasnodar).